Studying for a PhD in mathematics with the probability and statistics group at Durham University, supervised by Dr Andrew Wade and Dr Ostap Hryniv. For more information on the group, in particular information for prospective PhD students, see here.

My main areas of interest are the topics of stochastic processes, random graphs, and applications in random networks. My current focus is on functionals of random walks and in particular the convex hulls of random walks.

With my thesis in preparation, I am looking for my next move either to Norway or remaining in the UK, in the areas of environmental science, new technologies or continuing in an academic setting within a probability group.

For information on the modules which I tutor at Durham or for information on private tuition, see my tutoring page.

To contact, email jmcredmond5[at]hotmail.com

Some of my work:
Published papers
On the expected diameter of planar Brownian motion with C. Xu,
published in Statist. and Probab. Lett. Elsevier, Nov 2017

Documents in progress
Functional limit theorems with C. H. Lo and C. Wallace
The convex hull of a planar random walk: perimeter, diameter and shape, with A. R. Wade

Properties of random graphs
Convex hulls of planar random walks with drift
Convex hulls of random walks – an introduction
Convex hulls of planar random walks

On properties of random graphs
On the convex hull of planar random walks and Brownian motion
On the convex hull of planar random walks

Other work
Master’s Project – Properties of Random Graphs


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Meetings and seminars:

The Research Students’ Conference came to Durham in 2017, it was a fabulous week with students from across the country sharing their work and meeting other students in a relaxed atmosphere. Please click on the following links for more information. RSC Webpage, RSC 2017 booklet, RSC 2018 – Sheffield.

For information on the group’s weekly statistics seminars, see here.

For information on the Probability in the North East (PiNE) meetings, see here.

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